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Custom Made Cabinet Doors

wood cabinet doors in a variety of styles

The custom made cabinet doors you choose for your next project are an essential part of the process. We offer three main door styles for our custom made cabinets: specialty doors, standard raised panel doors and standard flat panel doors.

Specialty Doors
Specialty doors include mitre doors and applied moulding doors. Mitre doors feature a mitred design at the edges of the raised center panel. These custom cabinet doors can be especially suitable for a more elegant appearance in a home. To add a completely different look to existing doors, you can choose the applied moulding option. Applied moulding is applied retroactively to the doors of your choice and can give your cabinets an elegant, ornate appeal.

Standard Raised Panel Doors
These custom wood cabinet doors are the most common style found in today’s home. The center raised panel features a plain edge. Raised panel doors can add a touch of elegance to a home when made with a quality wood. The center raised panels can be configured in various styles including arches, and provide a unique look.

Standard Flat Panel Doors
These doors offer the simplest and cleanest look of the three and offer a feeling of nostalgia to a home. They feature a flat center framed by a raised edge. If your desire is to achieve a sense of historical elegance in your remodeling project, you may find the flat panel door to be just what you need.

Put the Finishing Touches on your custom cabinet doors

Finishes can add a great deal of personality to any piece of custom cabinetry. The finishes we offer for our custom cabinet doors include:

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Whether you need new custom kitchen cabinet doors or updated cabinets for your bathroom or living space, we can accommodate your needs. To see completed projects, view our cabinet gallery!

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