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What to Expect

Below are some steps we have outlined to help make the process of designing and purchasing your custom cabinetry smooth and effortless. Whether your needs are for a kitchen, bathroom, or living space, our goal is to give you the cabinet updates that you desire.

Ideas Stage: Once you stop by our showroom or send Custom Cabinetry your basic dimensions and ideas, we will then gladly provide you with an estimate free of cost. The staff at Custom Cabinetry is more than happy to come to your home to take the proper measurements, as well as to assist in the design and layout. You will then receive an estimate from us within two weeks.

Financial Commitment: In the beginning of our second step, we ask for 10% of the proposal as a retention fee. Once the retainer is received, your production schedule is created with the estimated window for your custom cabinetry delivery. Schedules and delivery dates are updated based on the time frame selections made.

Drawings & Selections: This is the stage where we turn your ideas into drawings, planning out your space and its details. We will have one to three meetings during this stage depending on the scope of your project. During this time, we will walk you through the plan specifics of your project, one item at a time. Once all selections are made, we then ask for a second payment of 50% of the total order. After we receive your deposit, we are able to give you a two-week time window for product delivery. We ask that you kindly contact us if there are delays for any reason.

Delivery & Installation: Full payment of cabinetry is required upon delivery. If you are purchasing template counters from us, a 50% deposit for the counters is also due at this time.

Communication: Here at Custom Cabinetry, we put forward our absolute best effort in making our communication process as clear and as smooth as possible. In return, we ask that you also try to communicate clearly and effectively your wants, while not hesitating to ask questions or discuss concerns you are having throughout the process. The staff at Custom Cabinetry believes that when clear communication is evident on both sides, we together can be the most efficient and cohesive team. Throughout the entire process, we work hard to establish your ideal custom cabinets.